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Hi, I'm Lauren, a Seattle-based graphic designer. In a past life I ran the shop Balue/Co. This blog is an archive of those years. Enjoy!



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Images borrowed from other sites are always credited, but just say the word if you'd like me to remove a post featuring your photos. On the flip side, please be sure to link back if you use any of my content.

© 2016 Balue/Co. | Lauren Wallace.
All original content and blog design created exclusively for Balue/Co. by Lauren Wallace unless otherwise noted. Post content and imagery may be shared with proper credit and link (thank you!). All blog design elements and code are exclusive and may not be copied or reused under any circumstance. Thanks for abiding by the laws of the interwebs.

My photos are shot with a Canon EOS Rebel XT using an EF-S 18-55 mm lens, as well as an iPhone 5C, typically using Afterlight and/or VSCO.

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